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Pelican™ - Ice Chests, Backpacks, HardBack™s, Cases & Flashlights

Pelican ProGear Series - iPhone Cases, Coolers/Ice Chests, Backpacks, HardBack™ Cases, Coolers & Flashlights

Introducing the Pro Gear series from Pelican Products.

iPad Cases
CE2180 - Vault iPad
CE3180 - Vault iPad Mini

Coolers/Ice Chests
35Q-WHITE or TAN - 35 Quart Elite Cooler
45Q-WHITE or TAN - 45 Quart Elite Cooler
65Q-WHITE or TAN - 65 Quart Elite Cooler
80Q-WHITE or TAN - 80 Quart Elite Cooler
95Q-WHITE or TAN - 95 Quart Elite Cooler
150Q-WHITE or TAN - 150 Quart Elite Cooler
250Q-WHITE or TAN - 250 Quart Elite Cooler

S115 - Sport Elite Laptop/Camera Divider ProPack
S130 - Sport Elite Laptop/Camera Divider Backpack
U100 - Urban Elite Laptop Backpack - Fits 15"-17" Laptops plus more!
U105 - Urban Laptop Backpack - Fits up to 15.6" Laptops plus more!
U140 - Urban Elite Tablet Backpack - Fits Tablets, Netbooks, and iPads and a compartment for a digital SLR and 2 lenses plus more!
U145 - Urban Tablet Backpack - Fits Tablets, Netbooks, and iPads plus more!

HardBack Cases
1055CC - Designed for eReaders
1065CC - Designed for Tablets
1070CC - Designed for 13" Ultrabooks
1075/1075CC/i1075 - Designed for iPad
1085/1085CC - Designed for most 14" laptops
1095/1095CC - Designed for most 15" laptops

Micro Cases
i1010 - Protect you iPod
i1015 - Protect your iPhone/iPod Touch

9420/9420XL - LED Work Light
1910/1920 - LED Penlights
2720 - LED Headlamps
2350/2360/2370 - LED Flashlights

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