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Pelican™ Case Protects Test Equipment in Fire

"Yippee! - Tuff Pelican case!!!!

Guys, I had just had to share this with all you in reference to my Evo 12 and the little fire I just had.

I store my Evo 12 in a Pelican® case that I really thought was overkill, but the price was right!

I thought the TX would be a total loss and stuck in a big pile of junk outside. Then sitting on my burned out lathe I found the Pelican® case. One side was pretty badly chared and the other was OK and I thought maybe?

Anyway I pryed the latches open (yes they worked) and used a sawall on the edges that were fused together. Water came out of the case, but very little and my hopes went down.

Pryed the case open since a little plastic was still fused (hinges were OK) and there was my Evo 12 looking just fine, but would it work?? Even the foam was fine.

I pulled her out and powered it up and she came to life like nothing was wrong. She scanned and did everything just like she should. I WAS JAZZED!!!!!!!!!!

I have to say for a plastic case it saved my EVO and was money well spent!!"


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