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Pelican™ 0550 Case

Pelican's Largest Transport Case - The 0550 Transport Case

Introducing the Portable Warehouse - The Pelican 0550 Transport Case

With over 11 cubic feet of space, you can store, protect, and move large loads in seconds. The reinforced honeycomb deck and lid construction provide support for heavy equipment, or multiple stacking on a 463L pallet. Opening the case at any altitude is not a problem- the dual integrated automatic pressure equalization valves keep moisture out and prevent vacuum lock, and the double wide grip makes lifting easy. With an IP55 certification, the 0550 Transport Case will protect your gear against rain and dirt. The 0550 Transport Case: Built to move-by forklift, by wheel, by hand.

  • Largest injection molded Protector Case™ on the market for transportation of large and heavy equipment
  • Reinforced honeycomb deck and lid construction provides load displacement enabling secure stacking and extreme support
  • Unique size and dimensions that fit six 0550’s in one layer on the 463L pallet
  • Two hand wide-grip handles provide positive, ergonomic load control
  • 90 degree locking handles provide increased ergonomic protection and ease of mobility
  • Lid stops open at 90 degrees for easy handling
  • Integrated lid stays will hold the 0550’s lid securely open for easier access
  • Optional removable ‘Pallet risers’ allow forklifts/pallet jacks to lift the case easily
  • Optional removable highly durable caster wheels rated up to 250 lbs (113.4 kgs) each
  • Two deep base-to-lid locking cleats provide maximum stacking stability when wheels or pallet risers are not in use
  • Four extra-deep indentations ensure stability and easy forklift access when cases are stacked with pallet risers or wheels
  • Equipped with two standard automatic pressure equalization valves
  • Features eight easy open double-throw latches
  • Rated at IP55, the 0550 is water and dust resistant
  • Pelican lifetime guarantee of excellence backs the case unlike any other competing product

    6 Piece foam kit includes the following
    Lid Layer 1 3.20" Convolute, Base Layer 1 .05" Pad, Base Layer 2 3.50" Diced, Base Layer 3 3.50" Diced, Base Layer 4 3.50" Diced, Base Layer 5 3.50" Diced.

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